Apple Varieties


How well do you know the Spartan?

Its characteristics

The Spartan is definitely your friend in the kitchen: ultra-firm, just sweet enough and hardy. This plump apple keeps its shape once cooked, making your desserts all the more irresistible. If you want to enhance their sweetness, simply store your Spartans in a cool area.




Fairly sweet


Third week of September

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Small apple, big story

Fruit of the labour of agricultural researchers in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, this variety is a happy blend of the McIntosh and the Yellow Newton Pippin. The Canadian apple quickly conquered the world and is now cultivated in the United States and Europe.

Perfect recipes for this apple

At the core of our apple juice

Treat yourself to an apple a day! Perfect for a snack or to cook with, it is also the star of our delicious juices.