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How well do you know the Cortland?

Its characteristics

The Cortland is a star in the world of apples, and with good reason! It’s an all-purpose apple with a succulent taste! Its pure white flesh keeps its shape when cooked, which explains why the Cortland is a pie lovers’ favourite. It is also perfect for fruit salads, since it does not brown when exposed to air. It’s even the go-to choice for drying apples. Without a doubt, it is one versatile apple!




Fairly sweet


Beginning of October

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Small apple, big story

The Cortland, named in honour of its native city in the state of New York, is not only popular, but also an official prize winner. It received the Wilder Medal from the American Pomological Society. However, it remains to be discovered, only 49% of Quebecers over 18 claim to have tried it!

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